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The Texas Rent Relief Program provides rental and utility assistance to qualifying applicants to prevent housing instability, potential eviction, utility disconnections, and financial hardships for tenants and landlords as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program began accepting applications in February 2021 and will continue to disburse assistance until all funds have been expended.

Program Resources

Here are some resources about the program:

Strategic Path To Success

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  • Support housing stability by providing timely rent and utility assistance to income eligible Texas tenants and their landlords across the state impacted by COVID 19.
  • Have an application process that is easy, accessible for everyone, predictable, and accurately establishes eligibility.
  • Have a program that is compliant with Treasury and State of Texas regulations and uses all awarded program funds.
  • TRR participants are provided with exceptional customer service by the call center, reviewing vendors and in payment handling.
  • Follow a continuous, systematic, and constructive improvement framework.
  • The program data and system of record is efficient and effective.
  • Vendor contracts are managed with a focus on achieving the critical success factors highlighted below.
  • Be recognized in Texas and nationally for its excellent provision of services.

Critical Success Factors & Necessary Conditions

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Effective Outreach
  • Uses multiple mediums to reach targeted audience
  • Informed by distribution of income eligible tenants in the state & program data
  • Reaches key stakeholders: landlords, tenants, utility providers & orgs serving these groups e.g. TAA, Texas Housers, courts and legal aids
  • Reaches hard to reach tenants and landlords
  • Generates sufficient eligible applications to expend funds
  • Creates positive program branding
  • Program information is consistent across different mediums
  • Responsive to earned media opportunities
Fast and accurate Application Review & Payment Processes
  • Intake capacity is big enough to process all applications
  • Continuous training for application & payment staff
  • Solid Quality Control (QC) review processes
  • Continuous improvement re: aging cases and payment accuracy
  • Sufficient data access for TDHCA Finance & TRR payment reconciliation
  • Consistently applied Appeal policies